moments of engagement


- Team Building
- Training & Personal development

Incentives are a commonly used and very powerful marketing tool. Incentives can be structured to improve sales results and staff performance, as well as to motivate your company distribution network.
Incentives are all about motivation; they focus on motivating individuals or partner distributors to achieve specific short-term objectives.

Incentives have become increasingly associated with travel because of its highly emotional impact on those who enjoy it. While monetary rewards are quickly forgotten, the memory of a travel experience lasts forever. In addition, opportunities will arise for training and team building, which can easily be combined with leisure time during the trip.

We provide you with events that will last forever in the memory of all participants.

Our incentive trips are totally flexible and can be suited to any size company. This efficient tool truly pays for itself in the immediate benefits it produces.

Facta et Verba covers the full management of incentive events
by taking care of all the complex aspects of the event such as:

• Planning and realisation
• Budget control and optimisation

We will take care of all activities related to:

• Organisation
• Research
• Communication

Business Conventions

- Sales & Business Meetings
- Workshops

Companies are more and more likely to combine incentives and conventions, reward and work. Both have the same goal of giving participants a unique, memorable experience which will contribute to building strong relationship bonds.

An important and exciting moment, a unique chance to dialogue and get to know your own customers, sales agents or employees.

Facta et Verba deep knowledge of company communication mechanisms allows us to plan events that convey a strong emotional message to the participants


- Distributor Conferences
- Advisory Councils
- Suppliers Forums

We fully appreciate the importance of conveying the right message to a wide public, with the right dose of scientific content, of planning timeframes and communications modes, from technical services to post-conference tours, press office and broadcasting.

Facta et Verba meticulous attention to detail and customer care are the key ingredients for planning a perfect conference.

Product Launches

Product kick-offs are half-way between a conference and an incentive, since the launch of new products as well as sales and incentives programmes represent powerful marketing tools for your company.

Facta et Verba skills as communicators and our capacity for organisational excellence make it possible to transform a meeting into a particularly effective company «event».

Special Events

- Board of Directors Meetings
- Art, Music and Sport events
- Exhibitions

Occasions such as product or brand introduction, opening ceremonies, special anniversaries and celebrations to strengthen the company’s image increase brand awareness and create consensus, with resulting loyalty and business development.

Facta et Verba will be at your side from the original idea to the final detailed organisation, we master and follow carefully each developmental phase as reliable partners who have only one mission: to create successful events in perfect harmony with your company image.