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Laura truly is a passionate person. Her love of life and her drive for perfection combine to create a bundle of energy focused on getting the job done. I have witnessed Laura’s professional side first hand in her capacity as an engagement planner. Her meticulousness, creativity and ability to think big all contribute to experiences that leave participants wowed and looking forward to the next one. She is without doubt a task driven person who is unafraid of and very adept at using both the carrot and the stick to achieve her goals. On the personal side, I find Laura to be a very loyal and faithful individual with a true lust for life and the passion to experience it all. She is very adaptable and comfortable in different environments and embraces different cultures more than any individual I know. She is one of a kind.

Ward J. Timken, Jr., Chairman – Board of Directors

I have had the privilege or working with Laura Ramaschi on programs and projects in france, Italy and Romania. She brings to her work impressive quantities of both intellectual and physical energy and genuine passion for achieving excellence in all initiatives. She consistently exceeded expectations.

Mike L. Johnson, vice-president – corporate communications (retired), Timken

Laura’s strong leadership, focus and project management skills enabled her to continually deliver a strong contribution to whatever task she was assigned and her performance earned her much respect from both external and internal Timken associates alike. I would have no hesitation in recommending Laura if you are looking for a sel-starter prepared to use her own initiative, and someone that you can always count on to deliver results, consistently and beyond expectations.

Ian M. Dent, Director Sales & Marketing Process Industries Europe, Timken

I greatly appreciated working with you, your exceptional customer care, as well as your always-enthusiastic attitude.

Zoltan Arkovic, BDI Europe

Thank you for the fantastic moments I have been able to experience thanks to your creativity

Henrik Walter, Nomo, Sweden

We will never forget the incredible efficiency in your events

Antonio & Alfredo Lima, SDR Portugal

Always impressed with your professionalism, your dedication, and your friendly attitude.

Mariano Cobos, FEYC Rodamientos, Spain

Thank you for the wonderful events you have organized.

Elisabeth Meister, Ludwig Meister, Germany

We have always enjoyed every moment and we were happy to work together.

Lakis Marangos, Greece

Great memories that we will always bring with us

Mark Lewis, The Timken Company


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