We organize your events wherever you dream to

Facta et Verba is born from the need to create a team of marketing communications and event planning professionals, who work together and deliver turn-key products in an era where premiums are put on speed and cost-sensitive business approaches by international companies.

Facta et Verba aims to offer you simply the best.

Whether this is needed for meetings, conferences, incentive programmes, conventions, product launches, theme-based cultural or leisure tours, we are your full-service marketing communications and incentive firm.

Call us for a tailor-made project or programme.

Over the past 20 years, we have staged exceptional events throughout the globe.
Our hands-on experience in organisational techniques for multi-national group events enable us to offer global customized solutions, always combined with deep emotional impact. Thanks to our flexible structure and very reactive team we are able to organise both large and small events and treat each client as our one and only.

Your event will live in your memory as unforgettable moments. We shall study and understand your goals and requirements, and then develop a customized approach to your programme or project, aligning it with your marketing and communications strategy.

Based in the “heart” of Europe, with a strong European culture and background, but operating all across the world from Miami to Shanghai, from South Africa to Iceland, from Italy do Dubai, from France to Jordan etc, our team of highly skilled and energetic international professionals is used to working world-wide.

Facta et Verba is backed by a portfolio of first-class and fully reliable partners. We select from among the most beautiful and exclusive hotels, ancient villas, country houses, historical residences and castles; such will be the setting for your remarkable and fascinating event.

We create memorable experiences