Laura Ramaschi

Born in Italy, a country where history and present mingle nicely at every step you take and that has given me the respect for the past with a passion for archaeology, as well as the curiosity to discover new cultures and parts of the world.

My interest and passion to communicate led me to pursue a language path and to be exposed to different cultures and interact with people. I undertook studies to become an interpreter and translator in Russian and English.

To improve my spoken Russian, I worked as an interpreter on a cruise-liner: Russian ship and crew with Italian passengers: certainly this has been the most challenging job and the best school ever! On a ship you have no choice but to be flexible, communicate with people, be customer-oriented and focused, be proactive, and know that nobody else can or will do your share of the work, plus you may have to cover for unexpected tasks or situations, and all this...always with a smile!

I moved and worked in different locations, including Milan, Hong Kong, London, Paris, San Francisco, and then settled in Ribeauvillé, France, where I live.

I believe my biggest strength lies in establishing strong relationships and effectively communicating and interacting at all levels.

I have experienced and adapted rapidly to a variety of working environments. Having worked as a free-lance interpreter and public relations specialist for small and big companies, and as a marketing manager for a a global multi-national company, I have acquired and developed some essential skills which are now valuable strengths:

Strong ethics
Flexible, resourceful, positive thinking, enthusiastic
Organized, clear work focus, persistence, problem solving attitude, strive for perfection
Good team player, persuasive and gregarious by nature
Networking: ease in establishing contacts and business relationships
Travelled the world, ease to adapt to different cultures.
Multi-language skills

Making extensive use of my personal drive, enthusiasm, persistence and personality, my skills have matched demand and exceeded expectations. My efforts have always translated into high performance and excellent sales growth as well as resulting in good customer satisfaction. Constantly been rated as exceeding the expectations in all my projects and endeavours.

I am confident that my skills, competencies and personality will be a strong asset for your company.

Looking forward to meeting you!